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Sick and tired.


and that too.

Complaining about the weather may seem a little crazy thing to do since people do not have control over it, but dang, it’s just so fucking hot here!

I’m not whining, really.  I just wish I live someplace else where there’s snow.

This is my first entry for 2011.  And it’s April.  Last week of April.  Pffft.  Sorry bloggie, I really am a bad blog-parent.

I’ll get back to you…

They’re out of tune – they have attitude problems – they don’t play instruments anymore – they’re out of tune – they obviously do not know what they’re singing (wrong words/lyrics) – and, err, did i mention they’re out of tune? Yes, their tunes are shooting in different directions all throughout the song!

I honestly don’t wanna blog tonight because there’s really nothing to blog about.  I just put up something in my other blog moments ago, and it would be redundant if I blather about the same stuff here. It’s just that, I feel, well, a little obligated to put up something here (or it’s just my bloggerly instinct, I guess). Actually, a friend asked me what my purpose is for keeping two blogs. I don’t want to explain that over as I already did that in my previous posts, so I simply told him this is where my rants go. He then started nagging for a blog update on this site.  Dang, how nice of him to ask for an update when he doesn’t dang write comments!!!  Does he fucking know how I feel??? It’s like I’m talking to myself, just like now, for chrisake!

It’s technically 4 days minus some hrs before Christmas and here I am feeling like a loser for not being able to attend a single Christmas party – thus, not being able to enjoy good food and drinks, not to mention not getting gifts. Pfft.

The only gift (I consider it a gift) that made me jump in joy this year was a package of art supplies which I got last October from a good friend in Seattle, WA. I don’t have enough cash to buy gifts for my family and friends this Christmas, and they’re perfectly aware of that, so I definitely won’t complain if I don’t get any this year. That’s the only fair thing, I guess.

Ok…that’s it for now.  Byerts!

Sure, Christmas is around the corner.  The cool air, especially at night, is a sign.  A lot are actually complaining about it – that they’re having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning because of the cool weather.  Well, that’s their problem not mine, as I wake up at almost noon everyday.  Yep, breakfast and lunch in one.  Saves me some dough.

I feel that nobody wants to talk to me anymore.  Or, maybe it’s just me.  Pffft.  My emotional and psychological blahness are getting a bit shaky again.  Gawd, wish I know a shrink who I can talk to at no charge.  Right now, my self-worth and self-esteem are plumetting real low.  I don’t feel myself worthy of anything.  In my head I hear the fucking “I’m a loser” repeating itself over and over again!  This isn’t good, I know. 

I shouldn’t be doing this, but it can’t be helped.   When I get in a funk like this, it takes me so much time to get out of it.

Hope I get better after this.

I can’t help but lose a piece of self-confidence each day. There’s not much more to say now except that I am really feeling down.

Well, I’m NOT giving up. It’s really all I can do.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out…

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Rejection is part of life but unfortunately it never feels good.